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The manuscript is DONE! However, editing is a costly endeavor. We need YOUR help to get The Garden of Fire on shelves. Donate today!

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Welcome to the Garden...

Your New Favorite Fiction.

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Ayrus is a world filled to the brim with stories to be told and lives to be lived. Every inch of the planet has something new to obsess over, and it's teeming with characters and settings for you to love. Garden of Fire is the debut series of novels by Garrett Elinski, set to begin their releases in mid to late 2023. Clear your calendars, because when it releases, you'll be trapped between every page.

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Garden of Fire

Coming in 2023...

Get ready to take your first step into the Garden. Elinski is ready to take you on an invigorating journey of pride, betrayal, and heartbreak; one which will leave you wondering just what a happy ending really costs.

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Tree at Night

Tragedy is not a story devoid of happiness. Tragedy is a story of the ebb and flow of reality that ends as all things do; in the death of something or someone and in the ashes of what nobody thought could burn.

Garrett Elinski

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