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These are the various forms of flora that inhabit Ayrus.

Felicity Rose: A flower that grows in the Fox Fields of Troubia and is extremely rare. Its buds are said to increase a person’s mood substantially and is often smoked as a form of harmless drug (excluding the smoke’s damage to lungs). Deer often eat this flower, and always seem to know where they are located.


Location: Fox Fields (Troubia). 


Goneflower: This luminescent flower is a major hallucinogen. Ingesting it is ritualistic for the shamans in tribes in Central Althea, because it’s believed it allows them to communicate with the spirits of the world.


Location: Long Forest (Central Althea), Great Forest (Etros).


Venusflower: Venusflowers are really just roses, but it is the word of the Raidrian people for them. Plus, there’s a rare, red and white one specifically native to Raidriar. They have poisonous thorns.


Location: Raidriar.


Cosmic Flower: A flower said to harbor a mysterious power. 


Location: Esmeaun Jungle (Esmeau, Taureðel). 


Vespa Hydrangea: A flower with a poisonous secretion that temporarily paralyzes everything past where it was injected. 


Location: Witch’s Wood (Suvyn).


Fairy’s Cradle: These flowers are said to sprout when a fairy dies. Of course, that’s nothing but a wives tale… Though, they do emit a wonderful scent. Some would say it’s the sweetest natural scent on Ayrus.


Location: Grasslands in Althea, Taureðel, and Astranam. 


Mage’s Bane: This particular flower has a reputation for ruining a mage’s day—quite literally! Upon being ingested, the paste this flower produces stuns mana from flowing throughout the body for up to 24 hours. This can even be disorienting for mages who commonly focus on the flow of their mana!


Location: Great Forest (Etros), Ulcier Forest (Etros). 


Dezorientacja: This fungus, literally translating to confusion in the old language of Northern Pestein, leaves anyone who ingests it confused. One adult gill of this fungus can make a child completely unaware of anything, and two can render a fully grown man questioning everything! Seriously, nothing makes sense on these things, and it can be very frustrating. The effects only last about an hour, though.


Location: Pestinian mountains.


Marsflower: These flowers produce a spore that can be rubbed on a fire mage’s palms and used as a medium. Though, the spores burn up after just one use.


Location: Raidriar.


Cryssilus: These frosty flowers thrive in the cold. They produce a gel-like secretion that creates a cold mist when blown upon. 


Location: Stailia.


Vileroot: An odd plant with toxic roots. It can be considered a parasitic plant as it often leeches off the energy of other, larger plants in its area. Preferring shaded areas, this plant is much smaller than most and can be difficult to find. It does its best to not stick out, as its leaves are a favorite, sweet snack for most small animals.


Location: Shady areas in Taureðel. 


Videlity: A strange plant with toxins that produce a relaxed, peaceful sensation if smoked. 


Location: Southern Sereda. 


Technicolor Dandelion: A beautiful flower that takes sunlight in during the day, then produces its own light at night. 


Location: Technicolor Field (Luna Baile). 


Witch’s Wish: This flower has a multitude of abilities. Its leaves secrete a fluid that can detoxify the body of poison, and its bulbs can be consumed as a sleep agent. 


Location: Witch’s Wood (Suvyn). 


Sacred Flower: This flower grows in a beautiful, mysterious way. Consuming it is said to promote the circulation of mana in the body, so it’s great to use on someone who needs to recover after using a lot of magic!


Location: Esmeaun Jungle (Esmeau, Taureðel). 


Fairy’s Dress: This flower can be crushed into a paste that can sedate someone for weeks, if applied in excess.


Location: Great Forest (Etros), Ulcier Forest (Etros). 


Lover’s Kiss: This red flower got its name from its shape, color, and powers. Inhaling its scent amplifies the feeling of attraction. Animals can often be found mating near this flower, and if smelled from up-close, you might just find yourself with a newfound crush on someone!


Location: Deluna Jungle (Luna Baile). 


Melodía: These flowers produce a mist that is invisible in the daylight, but lights up at night. It makes for a beautiful, otherworldly atmosphere. 


Location: Deluna Jungle (Luna Baile).  


Spongeflower: The texture of this flower is simply divine. They’re often pressed to the skin of sore muscles and massaged against it to relieve pain.


Location: Deluna Jungle (Luna Baile). 


Songflower: This flower makes a beautiful noise when the wind blows on it, but it’s worth much more than that! It can be turned into a delicious tea, and soothes a sore throat like you wouldn’t believe!


Location: Deluna Jungle (Luna Baile). 


Flirt’s Flower: Named after its strange high that makes everyone appear more attractive, this flower can sometimes be found shredded into a fine powder and slipped into someone’s drink. 


Location: Great Forest (Etros), Ulcier Forest (Etros), Esmeaun Jungle (Esmeau, Taureðel), Long Forest (Central Althea). 


Hazelion: This strange flower, when ingested, slows one’s perception of time. Time passes at about a third of its regular speed, from the taker’s perspective. However, motor skills and coordination are drastically impaired on this. 


Location: Forests in Sotea and Auhocune/the Holy Land of Earth.


Cruithne’s Clover: When ingested, this flower shuts down the mana system within someone temporarily. No mana is produced or flows while it’s in effect.


Location: Swamps in Kabrait.


Mage’s Root: A flower that blooms fully in the color red. When picked, it can be used as a magic medium. Each use drains some of the color from it; when it’s entirely white, its power fades. 


Location: Nid Astra (Réver). 


Fredonian Freeflower: These stunning flowers bloom on Fredonia’s mountains. They produce a magnificent scent similar to the sea breeze, and can be rubbed on clothing to remove stains.


Location: Mountains in Fredonia. 


Summer Beoflower: These flowers have a mysterious energy to them. 


Location: The Summerlands. 


Cathbadan Beoflower: These flowers have a mysterious energy to them.


Location: Forest of Yggdrasil (Cathbad). 


Daínnish Beoflower: These flowers have a mysterious energy to them. 


Location: Daínn Shore (Daínn).  


Gaulbrian Beoflower: These flowers have a mysterious energy to them.


Location: Gaulbrian Woods (Dvalinn).


Gaelnian Beoflower: These flowers have a mysterious energy to them. 


Location: Gaelnian Forest (Duneyrr).  


Cumbric Beoflower: These flowers have a mysterious energy to them.


Location: Cumbric Forest (Durathrór).


Strange Beoflower: These flowers have a mysterious energy to them. 


Location: True Nidhogg (Nidhogg). 


Rock Flower: This flower secretes a toxin that crystallizes when heated. 


Location: Floravesa (Renvoia).


Purifying Lily: An exceedingly rare flower that has a can purify dirty water into clean, drinkable water. The method of which this is done is by harvesting the flower and leaving it in the water overnight. This will allow the magical power of light contained within its simple, delicate structure to spread out and remove any impure substances in the water. However, it reacts with poison differently. By placing it in poisoned water, it will remove the taste and smell of the poison, and may even make it more potent than before. The ability to differentiate this flower from ordinary lilies mainly lies within the fact that it is inherently scentless.


Location: Any grassland, though it is extremely rare and can only be obtained as a 5+ encounter. (If you’re searching for this, let the admin in question know during your encounter. They’ll roll the rarity command and if it is a +5, you’ll find it.)


Caterpillar Flower: These flowers bloom on the ends of certain tree branches, and appear as caterpillars for predator birds to come and carry their seeds from one tree to the next. They can cause some serious indigestion if consumed. 


Location: Spore Forest (Utrein). 


Rousing Spineflower: This flower has what’s known as Awakening Gel, which is a liquid that can be applied to common plants to awaken a deep, supernatural power within them. This is a very popular type of plant for witchcraft and alchemy. 


Location: Swamps in Althea, the Centerlands, and Naskus.


Mana Magnet: This flower has a taking towards those with a surplus of mana. It leans in the direction of the strongest source! They bloom near mana crystals. 


Location: Anywhere mana crystals can be found in wooded areas. 


Saçeii Stoneflower: This flower has a hard shell on the outside, which protects it from grazing animals. It whistles when the wind passes through it. 


Location: Saçeii Jungle (Saçei).


Fox Flower: This flower only blooms at the Temple of the Ninetails in Ashara, and it’s said that praying to it will allow the gods to hear you directly. 


Location: Temple of the Ninetails (Ashara). 

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