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An Open Book: Part 2

Welcome to An Open Book! This is a collaborative project in which anyone can join.

Here's how it works: below, there'll be a scene. When I reach a point that seems like a good place to cut it off, I'll stop, and leave it open. From there, you get to take over. Yes, you! Leave a continuation in the comments, whether it be raw or in a google doc (make sure viewing is open!), and when the time comes for me to continue, I'll choose one of the entries, and continue with that information.

I know what you're thinking: how could anyone possibly keep up with a story like that? It's like a DnD campaign, where you have to be there the whole time! Well, this story takes place in a magical realm named Rorrimeht, where things can suddenly change--even in ways that contradict one another. So, here in Rorrimeht, you can take what you read and run with it. You can add characters, characterize pre-existing ones, worldbuild, create plotlines, anything you can think of! I'll make sure to note if there are any key aspects that you need to know for the continuation of the story, such as [approaching midpoint, create conflict].

Other than that, anything goes!

-Please try to consider proper grammar, but don't be daunted by the prospect of making things perfect. This is just for fun! I'll clean things up when I translate it into the next part.

-Do not use material from copyrighted works, let's tell an original story!

Today's entry was given to us by Boron(Birby007). Thanks, Birb!

That it was, a sight completely alien to a traveller of dunes. A swirling mass of water hovering far above the desert floor, glistening in the sun's--or rather, suns'--glistening rays. Pouring down their starlight around the wonder. A cascading rainbow spread all over the surroundings of the great mass of water. Occasionally one could find smaller masses gathering from the air itself before falling into the greater one. Explaining how such a thing did not simply evaporate beneath the beating of the twin suns' heat was impossible, it was the deed of the great twins. Oracus and Oxelius, children of the great creator gods and goddesses... At least, that was what the priesthood said back home. No doubt these lands had their own myths and tales to share.

Stranger yet was the city around the floating water, seemingly made of lime and salt stone, carved into being as entire structures in their own right. There had been rumors of magic in the central dunes before. Especially from the old witches of the deep southern fields of barley and corn. Nothing like what towered up before Kip now, so far from his beginnings. The center seemed to hold a great deal of curved architecture, buildings swaying out of the path of the mass of water above them, falling outward from it like waves, looking older and more refined. The outer edges of this city were not given the same care. Blocky structures that seemed assembled in steps fit for a giant, with great spiral paths going up and through, carved its way toward the water. Even from a distance one could tell they were crowded. People undulated like they were one greater being.

Now looking down instead of up, Kip would find for himself a bustling, and more importantly shaded, marketplace of traders and their caravans taking shelter beneath the great floating city. Men with green or gray skin... No. Not men. Golems, carrying their great burdens up grand limestone staircases toward the city proper. The fresh scent of spice and wine carried so strong that even on the hill, the hints of their smell still touched Kip's nose. The path down was not too terribly steep, as long as he did not just rush forward that is. The sand would break his fall either way but he might lose a few of his things among their shifting dunes if he was not careful. There's only one thing left to do...


Kip cracked a grin. Stirring the straw's stock between his molars, he threw a hand up to his forehead to cast a shadow over his screening eyes, and strutted forward. When he realized the strain on his knees from such a slope, he slipped his bag off of his back and around to his belly, and kicked some of the sand forward. Then, he gave himself a little head-start, and jumped onto his rear to slide down the basin.

At the end of his journey awaited the City of Life.

As he approached the base of the stairs, the golems craned their necks the stare his way. Kip knew not to look at them; the merchant who sold him the map made sure to tell him of their untouchable eyes. They were born in the shadows--the absence of the twins.

He stretched toward the first step, engulfed in the shadow casted by the great city, and pushed himself beyond. Just up this laborious staircase was what he came for...

As he hustled up them, the remaining sand in his boots chafed his ankles, but he endured it with the traces of a smirk still on his face.

At its summit, the sunlight returned, but only until he found the marketplace just beyond the stairs.

The stone streets energized him, the air fresher from the misty waters, and the burns on his skin slowly soothed and crept away.

"Ho there! Come now, check out these amazing products! We've got talismans! We've got charms! Get your goods here!"

"We've got ponchos and scarves! Get 'em before they sell out!"

Kip's brown eyes skipped between each vendor while he moved forward, toward the deeper, bustling streets. Each cart and stand had more than he'd ever seen back home; plants, foods, clothes and items he could never have imagined. He slowed his gait to browse them, even though he wouldn't be buying, and even saw fit to touch some of the clothes just to feel the fabrics.

"Stop! Stop right there!"

A bowl flew onto the ground and shattered. Kip turned toward it just in time to see a figure blurring into an alleyway and a dozen armored men fanning out to follow suit. Probably a thief.

He turned to the nearest vendor, then, and leaned in. "Nearest inn?"

With a smile, the mustachioed man pointed inland. "You'll find them littered past Main Circle."

Kip offered a smile and a nod, and went off in its direction... But when he made it to the next segment of the markets, he was crashed into and flung to the ground.

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