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Starting my Financial Journey, and a Promise to You

Entrepreneurship has been a topic of my life for the last five years, but I have never actually been in a position to begin chasing it until now. Really, it was more like it before that I was just "in the room" with entrepreneurs, learning, but still working on other things. Now that I am on the other end of my creative process--at least, enough to start focusing on other things--I'm looking into the prospect of my long-awaited financial independence.

I had heard over the years about the million-and-one ways you can make money, but none of it ever seemed particularly exciting to me, nor was any of it outwardly relatable. In a way, I was turned off by the lack of sincerity in my favorite creators pitching certain links and sponsorships. I would often skip over the sponsorship section of videos I was watching--unless they were creative enough to keep my attention--and though I enjoyed supporting my favorite creators, I never felt all that interested in something unless that creator explicitly used it, themselves.

There are a number of products I swear by, and that I have recommended to people over the years out of nothing but a genuine interest. With that in consideration, though, I never really thought I'd be (just as a random example) reached out to by Dr. Squatch to help them sell their soap. (By the way, I really do love Dr. Squatch. Doc, if you're reading, hit me up.) But these products or services that I find particularly amazing do actually care to work with creators, and the feeling of something being disingenuous, really, comes from the fact that it appears for a few minutes, read like a script, in whatever content that is being flushed out, even if it isn't innately relevant to the topic.

All of this is to illustrate the point that today marks the beginning of my take-off. The metaphorical gun has fired, and my laces are tied. To date, I have made only a small amount of money with my creative endeavors--all of it, so far, directly through sales on my shop--and no profit, due to the expenses of running a website and investments of writing. That's not to say I'm ungrateful--just the opposite, in fact! I've never been more excited in my life. When you dive into water, you go under first, then rise up and learn how to tread the surface. I understand that process from my years of studying businesses in real-time, and I'm willing to be underwater because that's the first step! Knowing that I have made it far enough just to be in the race is enough for me. My first sale beyond myself and my mother (thanks, mom!) was a milestone that I will never forget. I actually have a lot of fun finding new ways to direct traffic to my website--whether that be to the shop, the blog (thanks for stopping by!), or just the landing page. In essence, I'm having more fun in the chase than getting the kill. Do I want to be crazy rich and be able to afford everything I could ever need and want? Yes. Yes I do; who doesn't? Money is like air: we only think about it when we don't have enough. Personally, I'd much rather be able to "point and shoot" than "point and plan and maybe not be able to do it." Great analogy, I know. I'm a writer.

So, what's the point of all this? I'm going to expand my horizons and start partnering with products and services that can befit us both--that's my guarantee. The truth is, creating is much more expensive than it looks, and what's the point in hiding that I don't want to be in the rat race forever? All I want is to sit in a pretty place and write books for the rest of my life. So, with that being said, I do believe in this regard I have a distinct advantage over mediums like YouTube. Since each blog is, in essence, its own topic, I can refer you to relevant things that you can trust I enjoy, utilize, or agree with. I think it's very important to build a two-way trust here: I will be transparent with you, and you can then choose to support me instead of Sam Walmart or Jeff Bezos on their own. I think they're doing just fine as it is! I have enjoyed countless hoodies in my life, but I opt now to only buy from myself or other producers that I want to help. Shifting these buying habits helps to "keep the money in the family," so to speak. There's so much more to life than helping the big names get even bigger!

I want to end this blog with a token of my sincerity. There is a book that I swear by, named Limitless by Jim Kwik. It's not just the content that I swear by, but the man behind it, himself. Jim Kwik is simply brilliant. He knows more than anyone I have ever read, watched, or encountered about the brain--and he wants to share every drop of that knowledge with us. His story is simply incredible, and I could not be more obsessed with what he has to offer. So, I am going to provide you with two links now: one marked as my affiliate link, which will support both himself and myself through amazon, and one that takes you directly to his website, where you can buy the book for the content without any risk of it being my bias for money. In this offer, I hope I can display to you that I do not ever mean to steal your money. I just want, humbly, to help each other out.

Here is my affiliate link:

Here is the link without any affiliation:

That's all I have for you today. Let me know in the comments if you've ever heard of Jim Kwik! I post blogs every Thursday, so make sure to create an account here at the Garden, and subscribe for notifications!

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